​G r e a t   P y r e n e e s   D o g s 

Tres Carabelas

Our companion dogs are specially selected from breeding stock and rescues not only for beauty, but for temperament and intelligence.  We socialize our companion dogs and puppies in varied environments giving them experience with livestock, many other dogs, cats, and small animals so you will have a well-rounded, family pet.  

Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs

Our show quality dogs are selected from the best breeding stock to closely conform to the breed standard, physically and in temperament, and originate from the best winning show bloodlines in the Country.   

Great pyrenees Show Dogs

Our Guardian Pyrenees (or LGD), is a leaner, taller, and slightly less woolly dog with a hardy, more coarse coat,  a highly independent personality, is fearless and ready to take on predators.  Our Guardian Pyrs are also well socialized with people and other dogs so they make great household pets in addition to working dogs.

Located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains

Great Pyrenees Companion & Therapy Dogs

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