Radar (3 years old)

Radar is a trained LGD, (Livestock Guardian Dog).  He has been with goats and poultry since he was a puppy, and is a dedicated guardian to his flocks.  He has a fantastic temperament, friendly with other dogs, socialized with males and females, and with people.  He is good with children of all ages, and trustworthy.  Radar is an athletic guy, moves well, and is used to electric fence and doesn't challenge that barrier.  Standard fences without electric will not stop him from investigating a threat however so you will need to be prepared to properly equip the fence to contain him if you do not already have a hot wire for your livestock.  Radar has two girls that have been trained with him who would be happy to go with him (one or both) should you need a pair.  This is not a standard adoption because as an AKC registered /trained LGD, his fee is much higher, and his adopter must be a farm or ranch, with livestock.

Our adoptions go through a 3-6 month to a year process of assessment, rehabilitation, training and physical preparation.  As an approved IRS 501-C3 rescue, we are contacted by other rescue groups, participate in rescue efforts in conjunction with local authorities such as; County shelters, City animal welfare, national rescue groups, and veterinary offices, and are contacted directly by individuals who need to surrender their Pyrenees dogs.  Our passion for the breed leads us to places far and near where there are Pyrs in need, and we have taken in Pyrs from Maine to Florida.  We do occasionally have puppies available for adoption, but because puppies present challenges older dogs do not, and typically require more veterinary intervention, and treatments prior to being ready for adoption, we rarely have puppies for adoption that are less than 12 weeks of age.  Great Pyrenees dogs as an extra large breed, require spaying and neutering that preserves their hormones intact (Ovary Sparing Spay and Vasectomy), rather than the traditional spay/neuter.  This means it is necessary for puppies to remain with us for a longer period of time to ensure that they are unable to breed, but are healthier due to leaving their sex hormones in place for normal growth and development.  This also increases the cost of spay/neuter, but in the long run provides for a longer healthier life.  Please be prepared for an adoption fee in the range of $300 to $600



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Tres Carabelas

​G r e a t   P y r e n e e s   D o g s 

Gerard,(5 years old)

Gerard is a former abuse case out of Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta.  He was scheduled for Euthanasia when we stepped in.  Listening to his story, we were convinced that he was a misunderstood guy with trauma in his past that affected his ability to understand people.  He had no idea that people could be gentle, caring, loving and attentive.  He has been steadily progressing and allows grooming, and trimming of his feet, etc. He does have his rules though, and you'd need to expect to move slowly gaining his trust before trying new things. He wants love and attention,and is a super chill guy.  His ideal home would be as a single dog with not too many visitors, no young children, and no one who isn't capable of following the dog rules closely.  He is very good in the house, doesn't make a mess and really doesn't like to get dirty.  He responds well to routine, and is a super good boy on the walk.  He is kennel trained, and has no problem spending the night in his kennel, or perhaps during the day while you are out.  He does not have fear of storms or loud noises and is calm and non-reactive in his kennel.  We believe his abuser many have been a woman because he is wary of women, but doesn't seem to have an issue with men.  We do not know how he would react to cats, but he can be aggressive with other male dogs. Some females he tolerates well if they do not get in his face or jump on him.  Gerard was neutered some time ago and is up to date on all shots.  He is ready to go upon an approved home for him.