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We are located on 55 acres in the Appalachian Mountains in the Southwest Corner of Virginia.

People ask us all the time why we sell puppies when there are so many animals in shelters needing a home?  While we are very involved with rescue organizations and rehoming dogs, it is not for everyone.  Many families with young children don't want to take a chance on a shelter dog and all the risks that come along with adoption.  They also are uncomfortable adopting a puppy with little known about its genetic background, or the temperament and background of the parents.  We are also committed to the preservation and enhancement of the Great Pyrenees breed and proudly work with other quality breeders in the US and abroad to that end.


Healthy, family-ready adults and juvenile Great Pyrs waiting for a forever home.

Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia, our farm is centered between two natural spring-fed creeks and a central lake.  The climate and altitude here is such that our temperatures are rarely above 85 in the summer, and we have mild winters with moderate snowfall.  Our dogs have large acreage pastures to run, and each group with their own houses.  We do not believe in the traditional "kennel" where the dogs live in a concrete floored building all their lives and rarely see the outside.  Our Pyrs live in a natural environment for them, with many acres to run and play within their groups, livestock to watch over, and comfortable shelters with ample space for them to get out of the elements if they want to.  


What We Do

Show/Companion Puppies

Top quality puppies bred from champion lines with proven healthy genetics.

OUR property

55 Rolling Forested Acres

572 square foot Puppy Pavilion

Natural Acreage Runs

2 Creeks, Pond and Lake

Tres Carabelas

buying a puppy Vs Adoption

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